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About Global Large Projects

We apply our world-leading high-rise expertise and extensive experience in large project management to bring your ambitious projects to fruition.

Our structure - designed for large projects

The nature of large projects requires their mobility solution partners to have not just a long-term commitment and abundant resources, but at the same time, an intrinsic drive to innovate. Since 1997, our division has evolved around these aspects so that our service can be a vehicle to achieve and sustain your vision.

A global network of experts

  • Headquartered in Switzerland and China, with hubs across 5 business regions
  • Dedicated teams of Large Project experts to support you at every stage of your project's lifecycle

Dedicated local teams

  • Loyal crews highly knowledgeable about local regulations, environment, and culture
  • A wealth of skills, resources, and experience with experts worldwide 

Effective fulfillment support

  • A robust supply chain around the world with factories in all the main continents
  • Well-connected with the right suppliers to optimize fulfillment efficiency and quality

Our experience

Our solutions move people and goods in skyscrapers and public transportation facilities all around the globe, shaping the cities of today and tomorrow. We have harnessed our expertise in managing large projects and established key global partnerships. 

Our know-how

We pioneer in the most in-demand innovations that extend to every aspect of the project journey: we help raise your buildings efficiently, operate smartly; we renew their legacy when needed and make sure they stay ahead of the game. 

Our people

Ultimately, the large project business is a people business. Our team members are recognized as some of the most accomplished experts in their fields. 

We always challenge ourselves to exceed expectations and to drive innovation. Our projects with clients around the world bear witness to our course of continuous evolution.

Robert Boog, Head of Schindler Global Large Projects