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Each large project is vastly different. Having fully understood your unique vision, we will tailor our mobility solutions to match, maximizing value for you, your tenants, and passengers.

With our industry-leading innovations, you benefit from full creative freedom. Be it gigantic public transportation hubs or record-breaking skyscrapers, we make it easier.

Your vision

Our philosophy is to listen to our clients. In that way, we endeavor to make your vision a reality by first understanding simple yet important objectives: the building type, the role that your building plays in the city, and the status the structure will have in the global high-rise market.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

An intelligent technology based on 3D modeling, BIM (Building Information Modeling) provides traceability and insights throughout the project life cycle. With a Schindler BIM model, you can benefit from faster and smoother design approval and pre-manufacturing lead-times since the elevators and escalators are directly integrated into the overall building design.

Traffic simulation

Our traffic simulation system can determine the best solutions for your building requirements by running numerous operation scenarios. Our method and corresponding design criteria have been recognized by the global norm ISO 8100-32:2020 and this standard will be adopted by the elevator industry.

The market demands a faster installation process. We offer advanced solutions that expedite hoistway preparation and enable efficient transportation even during the construction phase.


Much of elevator performance depends on installation, which is usually supported by a myriad of methods and tools. We have developed our own INEX (Installation Excellence) scaffoldless method to harmonize our practices and tools in a standardized format, to help our trained technicians save time while increasing safety on job sites.

Schindler CLIMB Lift & SLIM

Schindler CLIMB Lift is a certified self-climbing vertical transportation system which is used during the construction phase of the building. It contributes to a higher productivity and can later serve as a permanent elevator. Efficiency, safety, and flexibility, all in one package. Schindler SLIM (Scaffold-less Installation Methodology) uses false cars in the elevator shafts to carry out the installation of hoistway equipment – safer and more efficient than conventional methods.

Schindler R.I.S.E

To address the increasingly challenging demands on installation schedule, we provide the fastest elevator installation method to date, Schindler R.I.S.E (Robotic Installation System for Elevators). By using a robot to execute installation steps autonomously, this technology improves safety and health for the installation force, while providing a high installation quality for the customer.

Our mobility solutions contribute to your building’s ecosystem, connecting units and systems through a powerful network, and optimizing equipment performance.

Schindler PORT & myPORT

For the operation of the building, our Transit Management system Schindler PORT has been a revolutionary solution in the industry. Its highly developed algorithms allow a perfect stream of people and goods, energy control options, customization, and individualized access. The future-oriented Schindler myPORT smartphone app enhances user convenience even further and supports a touchless journey.

Schindler CoLab

Schindler CoLab is our new open, secure, and modular building integration toolbox that allows you to seamlessly integrate our pioneering digital services portfolio into your building management and user experience. It applies the latest security technologies and provides enhanced flexibility for integration into third-party systems and cloud services, plus the benefit of continuous support from our experts.

Schindler Ahead

Schindler Ahead is our latest remote-monitoring and predictive maintenance system. As an intelligent closed-loop system that connects service technicians and property stakeholders to the Internet of Elevators and Elevators (IoEE), it provides them with timely insights and ensures higher uptime.

By reinvigorating mobility equipment, we take legacy buildings into the future. From system update to modern car design, we offer customized and hassle-free solutions for each building.

Phased modernization

A complete modernization can be costly; we also offer phased modernization, which allows a high degree of flexibility and adaptability regarding the builder’s readiness and the modernization budget. This way, your tenants could enjoy boosted elevator uptime and performance, and you could benefit from optimized building financial planning.

Schindler PORT Overlay

The Schindler PORT Overlay solution could bridge the old control system and the new Schindler PORT system, bringing them under one control during the modernization process. The overlay between the modernized and the old elevators optimizes traffic performance, even when one elevator is out of service.

Customized solutions

Each modernization project brings with itself a set of unique challenges; we’re always ready to tackle them with our dedicated experts and optimized solutions tailored to your building, helping it evolve into a smart and future-proof building.

Public transportation & infrastructure

We provide the means to move people to, from, and through public transportation systems worldwide – including airports, subways, main railway stations, and more.