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Global Account Management

How do we make big things happen? By building a foundation of long-term, trusted relationships with our customers. To us, these partnerships are the key to our shared success.

We work with you

We’re all about creating collaborative, strategic partnerships built on trust and transparency. Our Global Account Management service is designed to put our clients first – making sure our vision, objectives, and resources are fully aligned with yours.

We do this by using the proven and powerful Triple Fit Canvas method. Together, we can set priorities, unlock opportunities, and build exceptional value so that ultimately both businesses benefit and grow throughout our collaboration.

It’s a win-win – for every project. Every time.

We tailor our services for Schindler’s most valuable clients worldwide and build long-lasting relationships deeply rooted in trust. Our goal is simple: a win-win future.

Michael Dobler, Head of Schindler Global Account Management

What we will do for you

Create proven value

  • We reduce costs by engineering value and efficiency into all of our processes
  • We streamline and standardize our products and processes at a global level
  • We deliver operational and design excellence by getting involved early
  • You get the best results from our premium customer service standards

Put you at the cutting-edge of technology

  • You can get ahead with our digital expertise and media services
  • You’ll benefit from our seamless transit management system and open interface
  • We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Digital Twins to deliver smart engineering
  • You’ll have access to our construction methods, robotic interfaces, and next-generation product lines

Deliver to the highest standards

  • Enjoy peace of mind with our strict “Zero Harm” safety approach
  • We’ll align our project delivery with planned “hold points”
  • We’ll provide an escalation board to prevent and solve on-site problems

Our success stories

Don’t just take our word for it – discover how we’ve put this approach into practice.

Build a strategic partnership

Our common vision is to achieve market leadership by providing exceptional value to customers. Together, we design and deliver industry-leading solutions and best-in-class customer service.

Through this inspiring and trusted partnership, we can co-create remarkable urban spaces and elevate together to the future.