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Vertical Inspiration 2nd edition

To help cities respond to crises with more resilience, we’ve integrated innovative and sustainable solutions in large projects around the world. In this edition, we take you to them – 500+ meters above the horizon and 200+ meters underground – join us on this adventure!

We are the future-driven mobility partner to take your large project forward

By 2030, over 750 million people will be concentrated in just 43 megacities worldwide.

Future cities will need to be smarter, more flexible, and more sustainable.

High-rise buildings will be constructed faster, more integrated in our lives, and more diverse in their functions.

Urban planning will be more about people’s well-being, with user-centric solutions like 15-minute neighborhoods.

Solid large project expertise

Every large project can easily last several years. You need an experienced and passionate partner, bringing together a global network of experts and resources, to see your vision to fruition.

Innovation as part of our DNA

Technology is the key to future-proof buildings. With a technology leader as your large project’s consultant, your building will be prepared with the best long-term solutions. 

Trusted & inspired

The complexity and scope of large projects demands a committed team who can explore the potential of smart solutions at all scales. On our large project journeys, we often forge life-long partnerships with our customers. Together, we rise today to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Schindler Global Large Projects

Every large project is a unique and elaborate adventure. Their success is achieved with a group of dedicated people, who constantly strive for the best possible solutions.

This is why we established a dedicated team in 1997.