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PORT Technology

Schindler PORT Technology revolutionizes the science of optimizing traffic flow through a building while offering personalized service and access control.

PORT Technology Benefits

Improved Performance

Especially suited to large elevator groups or straight-line configurations in heavy-traffic commercial buildings, PORT can increase handling capacity and reduce travel times – each by up to 35%.


Schindler PORT Technology reduces crowding, both in the lobby and inside the car, by allocating passengers to individual floors. PORT offers fully integrated building access, and myPORT – elevator control and security building access from your smartphone.

Energy savings

Schindler PORT Technology ECO monitors the traffic conditions continuously and keeps average waiting times below or at the specified level, while saving as much energy as possible.

Freedom & Flexibility

With Schindler PORT Technology, you have the potential to remove many of the existing constraints on interior layouts, allowing for greater freedom when designing the next generation of buildings.

Touchless operation

Schindler PORT Technology offers different ways to travel through buildings without ever touching an elevator or even a door.

Transit Management

Best-in-class traffic management

PORT Transit Management represents a major expansion of system capability from the baseline PORT. From initial building entry through onward travel and finally exit a truly integrated solution, enabling secure and convenient travel is available. It includes a range of terminals, with specialized applications for visitors, parking, doors, offices, and residences.

PORT elevator

Schindler PORT Technology provides passengers with the shortest possible times to their destinations with the best possible comfort.

PORT Access

In order to ensure seamless transitions from one area to another a range of terminals to provide the functions known generically as PORT Access has been developed.


myPORT provides users with a uniquely seamless secure and convenient access to and transition through their building.