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Vertical Inspiration

We’re back with a new collection of extraordinary stories from around the world. In this edition, we look at a wide variety of developments – from new builds and modernizations to buildings that have been adaptively reused. Our coverage spans projects set to open their doors in 2024, and those that have been welcoming people for over a decade. These stories not only showcase the innovations and expertise that we bring to large projects, but also underscore the power of partnerships.

Hot off the press

Quay Quarter Tower

Sydney, Australia

Over the course of four years, the Quay Quarter Tower metamorphosed from a regular office building into a stunning modern, sustainable masterpiece.

Landmark 81

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Topping out at 461 meters high and designed to resemble a cluster of bamboo, Landmark 81 overlooks the Saigon River and skyline of Ho Chi Minh City.

Island Shangri-La

Hong Kong, China

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong provides a peaceful escape in the very heart of Hong Kong and comes with all the bells, whistles, and first-class service one would expect.

YACHTHOUSE by Pininfarina

Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

Overlooking a beach in southern Brazil, there’s a new paradise high in the sky. The tallest twin towers in Brazil deliver stunning views, and a new level of luxury.

Torre Reforma

Mexico City, Mexico

Standing 246 meters tall, Torre Reforma not only changed the skyline of Mexico City but also redefined what a skyscraper could be in terms of design, sustainability, and safety.

Costanera Center

Santiago, Chile

With four towers, a massive shopping mall, and millions of visitors moving throughout the complex every month, the Costanera Center is a project on a huge scale.

One Madison Avenue

New York, USA

With well over a century of history under its belt, the building was reconstructed to incorporate a new 27-floor tower within the same footprint – all while retaining over two thirds of the building’s original structure.

Varso Place

Warsaw, Poland

Varso Place is a spectacular mixed-use complex built right in the heart of the Polish capital. Its most prominent structure, the Varso Tower, holds the distinction of being the tallest building in the European Union.

From the second edition

Bank of America Tower

Charlotte, US

A high-rise building that heralded the development of OEO, an innovative system that allows tenants to evacuate by taking the elevators in an emergency.

Ping An Finance Center

Shenzhen, China

A 599m mega-tall skyscraper that demands perfection and the highest standard of safety – a fine example of pulling expertise across our organization.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai, UAE

A project of epic proportions carried out mostly during the pandemic. We installed and serviced 129 units of equipment for 11 large pavilions with grit, careful planning, and agility.

Uptown Tower

Dubai, UAE

A new icon of technology and innovation in the Middle East, witnessing the combined forces between Schindler R.I.S.E and our talented, diverse workforce.

Scotia Plaza

Toronto, Canada

Modernizing our own elevators for a future-forward landmark in the heart of Toronto, an upgrade to the winning combination of double-deck elevators and Schindler PORT.

Photo courtesy of Meridian Energy Ltd.

Manapōuri Power Station

Southland, New Zealand

Awe-inspiring underground modernization for the deepest elevator and second tallest in the country, despite remoteness, humidity, and other forces of nature.

Hiranandani Quantum

Thane, India

A Grade-A-office building targeted to be operational by the end of 2020. We helped our customer come through on this promise, despite months of nationwide lockdown.


Vienna, Austria

An exciting complex in central Vienna, linking vertical and horizontal mobility with Schindler Ahead DMS by showing real-time public transportation connections in elevators.



Singapore’s second tallest building elevated by Schindler CLIMB Lift, kitted out with the one-stop API solution, Schindler BuilT-In, to tailor the ultimate seamless journey.

Vertical Inspiration, 2nd edition 2022

To help cities respond to crises with more resilience, we’ve integrated innovative and sustainable solutions in large projects around the world. In this edition, we take you to them – 500+ meters above the horizon and 200+ meters underground – join us on this adventure!

From the first edition

White Magnolia Plaza

Shanghai, China

A high-profile complex crowned with Shanghai’s city flower, with Schindler solutions optimized for the building.

#Schindler double-deck #Schindler PORT

Lakhta Center

St. Petersburg, Russia

The tallest building in Europe and an equally testing project executed under extreme conditions.

#Schindler double-deck #panoramic #customized solutions

Jewel Changi Airport

Changi, Singapore

A new nature-themed lifestyle destination at an existing airport; a story of perseverance and innovation.

#Schindler Ahead #panoramic #customized solutions

CITIC Pacific Plaza

Shanghai, China

Perhaps the hardest modernization project in Schindler’s history; a boosted handling capacity with Schindler PORT.

#Schindler PORT #MOD

80 Collins Street

Melbourne, Australia

New installation and modernization in one project; first project with modern double-deck elevators in Australia.

#Schindler double-deck #Schindler PORT #NI & MOD #sustainability

One Vanderbilt

New York, US

The tallest office buildings in Midtown Manhattan; elevated by a large project team working together for a decade.

#Schindler double-deck #Schindler PORT #customized solutions

Exchange 106

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An ambitious project of epic proportions and an extremely tight timeframe; made possible by a dedicated team and Schindler SLIM.

#Schindler PORT #customized solutions #Schindler SLIM

Roche Site Basel

Basel, Switzerland

A decade-long project that weathered the pandemic, strengthening further a long-lasting partnership.

#Schindler CLIMB Lift #Schindler UV CleanAir  #Schindler CleanMobility

Vertical Inspiration, 1st edition 2021

In the inaugural edition of Vertical Inspiration, we look back at some of our proudest urban projects from recent years. Many of these projects brought with them their fair share of challenges. Many have redefined entire city skylines.